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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

25 January - COVID-19 Update

Don’t know what to do about COVID-19?

Remember to:


information about whether you:

  • need to get tested
  • need to isolate or quarantine
  • have signs or symptoms of COVID-19

Bedford‘s staff COVID-19 Decision Making Tool can be accessed by going to


your information with Bedford by texting our COVID-19 Text Line on 0428 598 199.

This is a text only service. Calls will not be answered.

In your first text to this number you must include:

  1. your name
  2. the location you work at Bedford
  3. date you were last at Bedford
  4. if you are (or think you might be) a close contact, have symptoms, or been at an exposure site, etc
  5. the date you were last exposed (or potentially exposed) to COVID-19, or when symptoms began
  6. the date and result of any test that you have taken
  7. any texts from SA Health you have received
  8. whether or not you used the Bedford Staff Decision Making Tool

Providing this information early really helps us to help you quickly.

Forward any texts you receive from SA Health to the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line on 0428 598 199.


to the official advice you are given.

  • Complete the Bedford Staff Decision Making Tool and print your form responses for future reference
  • Follow the health advice provided
  • Quarantine, isolate and test when you are told to

This is the best way to keep you as stay safe and healthy or to recover safely from COVID-19 if you do get infected.

Get Boostered…

Boosters are now available from three months after your second dose of your immunisation, and are required to be either administered or at least booked in within four weeks AFTER that three month date.

To help people work out what they need to do to comply with the Directive please refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination Booster infographic.