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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

2 February - COVID-19 Update

Welcome to the latest update from the COVID Taskforce. The team has been working hard to ensure everyone’s safety and access to supplies across the organisation.

Balyana Update

You may be aware that our residential site currently has six people in isolation with COVID-19 after two of those people attended an external activity at an exposure site. Thankfully, these are mild cases, and no one has required hospitalisation. Andrea and her team have been fantastic in managing this; they were quick to identify and separate 31 close contacts, and contact families and the relevant authorities. They also made the proactive decision to temporarily place Balyana into voluntary lockdown until all 31 test results are known. We’re pleased to report that all tests have returned negative and we are consulting with SA Health to rescind the current voluntary lockdown.

Around the Organisation

There have been a handful of new cases identified across the business sites, but once again these are mild cases to date and there have actually been more recoveries than new infections (as is the trend across the state). We’re really excited to see our entire hospitality team back too.

Bedford currently has a small stock of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for employees, clients and staff to use as required, and we are waiting on a large order of RATs to arrive so that we can ensure regular on-site testing of our clients, employees, staff and residents can commence and be maintained.

Collecting Critical Information

Tamasine Kiln and Tim Wilson have had great support from Jacqui Cossutta and Jess Jones over the past few weeks to manage the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line and Decision Making Tool. I’m pleased to announce we are recruiting two new dedicated team members to assist in our COVID safety duties and collecting data.

We are required to provide information to SA Health and the NDIS Commission about a wide range of COVID related information. Thank you to those people who have used the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line (0428 598 199) and the Decision Making Tool. This has been critical in helping us identify who is COVID-positive, who needs to isolate and inform close contacts, SA Health and NDIS Commission.

Please remember to include all of the following information in your first SMS to the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line:

  1. your name
  2. the location you work at Bedford
  3. date you were last at Bedford
  4. if you are (or think you might be) a close contact, have symptoms, or been at an exposure site, etc
  5. the date you were last exposed (or potentially exposed) to COVID-19, or when symptoms began
  6. the date and result of any test that you have taken
  7. any texts from SA Health you have received
  8. whether or not you used the Bedford Staff Decision Making Tool

Are you Vaccinated and / or Boostered?

It’s so important for us to know your current immunisation status. While we got off to an excellent start when the mandate was first introduced by the State government, we are missing critical data from around 200 staff members as to whether they have received their booster shot. We understand people who are eligible may not have had the chance to receive their booster yet due to contracting the virus or self-isolating.

For everyone else, please let us know your booster status as soon as you can (and with photo evidence / screen shot) via

We are also aiming to bring Aspen Medical back to key Bedford sites to assist in providing booster shots and will send out separate communications about this and other vaccination information over the next few days.

Thank you again for your patience, hard work and help