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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

14 February - COVID-19 Update

Welcome to the latest update from the COVID Taskforce.

Give Yourself a Boost

It’s so important for us to know your current immunisation status, and particularly information about whether you received your booster shot, or when it is due. We are in discussions with Aspen Medical to provide booster shots at key Bedford sites once a month. The schedule will be based on booster due dates, so information from you is important. Send your vaccination evidence (photo / screen shot of your certificate) via email to Thanks to everyone who has already given us their information!

Client Vaccinations

Over the next few days, we will be asking more clients to provide their vaccination status too. Historically, this was not mandated by SA Health, but it is now becoming a critical component for all disability providers to keep up-to-date records in order to keep everyone safe.

Around the Organisation

Everyone in isolation at Balyana has been cleared, and there is no evidence of further community spread – thanks to the quick response implementing COVID protocols at Balyana. Amazing job!

There have been a handful of new cases identified across the business sites, but once again these have been mild cases, and we continue to see more recoveries and people returning to work.

Getting Supplies

The team has been working hard to access supplies across the organisation. We are currently sourcing stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and testing supplies to ensure that all sites have the resources required to protect our community, by testing as per SA Health guidelines.

Remember, if you should test positive for COVID, please let us know as soon as you can. Send us a message via the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line on 0428 598 199.

Thank you again for your patience, hard work and help,