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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

24 February - COVID-19 Update

Welcome to the latest update from the COVID Taskforce.

Booster Deadline Looms

We’re getting to the pointy end (pun intended) of our COVID vaccination status at Bedford. Following the State Government regulations, all double-vaccinated staff who received their second dose three months (or more) ago will need to have received their COVID booster by 28 February 2022 (or present proof of imminent booster booking).

There are still 150 staff members who are due for their booster who haven’t yet provided this information to us. Those staff will be receiving a text from us asking you for the information urgently. It’s critical we receive this information, otherwise we will be unable to avoid standing non-complying staff down without pay until their vaccination status and records meets State Government regulations. We certainly don’t want to do that, so please send your vaccination evidence (photo/screenshot of your certificate or vaccination booking dates) via email to before Monday 28 February 2022.

Thanks again to everyone who has already given us their information!

Aspen Medical Shelved

We had locked in a date for Aspen Medical to come to us and administer vaccinations to staff, but unfortunately there has been a hiccup in our plans. The Federal Department of Health has just advised they’re sequestering all independent clinic resources in favour of Supported Independent Living (SIL) sites (which they consider to be a higher priority) and have cancelled all clinics at other locations.

While we were hoping to be able to support staff and other clients to receive their boosters on-site as conveniently as possible, we won’t be able to deliver this to meet the critical deadline of 28 February 2022. We will revisit this option in future, but if you still require a booster please don’t wait. There are many locations to easily access booster appointments with quite short waiting times, and even walk-in clinics, so please check your options ASAP.

Contact Tracing and QR Codes

You may have noticed some new posters around the place with information about the next steps you can take if you’re feeling unwell. The posters, which are placed around the SIL, CAL and Day Options areas, include a QR code. This QR code is to help Bedford clients decide what to do if the think they might need a test.

We are about to launch a new QR code for Staff in SIL, Day Options and CAL to use on every shift for internal contact-tracing purposes. This code is not the same as the SA Health QR code (so even if you’ve checked in at the door for SA Health, you will still need to check into your worksite with the code on the poster). The reason for this is that Bedford now has to conduct our own contact tracing and provide this information to SA Health.

This new QR code will allow us to track staff in SIL, Day Options and CAL so that if someone in your work area alerts us they have received a COVID-positive test result, we will be able to accurately advise others at the location at the same time that they may be a close contact, and advise next steps (ie, isolate or obtain testing). The QR code will take you to a website page which will direct you to answer a series of questions. All of these questions are so that Bedford can provide prompt information to SA Health. There are a number of questions, so please be patient – the answers will help us to keep everyone safe!

For our staff and employees in our commercial operations, we are making some minor adjustments to the rollbooks so you won’t have to do anything extra.

Returning to Work

We’re really excited to be welcoming staff back from Monday 28 February 2022. Remember, if you’re not feeling well, get tested and stay at home until results clear you. And if you see anyone in your work area who doesn’t seem well, encourage them to go home and obtain PCR testing as soon as possible. Let us know of any positive test results via the Bedford COVID-19 Text Line on 0428 598 199.

Once you’re back in the office, remember to continue observing our COVID protocols (wear your mask, adhere to hand washing and social distancing, take a RAT test if requested, etc).

Thank you again for your patience, hard work and help!