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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

4 March - COVID-19 Update

Welcome to the latest update from the COVID taskforce.

Keep us posted, please!
Thanks to everyone who advised us of their booster / vaccination status before the deadline on the 28th of February. We needed to collect your vaccination status as a requirement of the Disability Direction; this process will now be ongoing and will be a part of ‘business as usual’ operations.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible when:

  • you book in for your booster
  • you have a booster -
  • you test positive to COVID - Text Line on 0428 598 199
  • you have a positive / negative / invalid result from a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) that Bedford has provided you – reportmyrat
  • we’ll SMS you about your status – please make sure you respond to the text so we don’t have to continue to send reminders

Make sure to keep us informed when there are any changes to your booked appointments / vaccine status as soon as possible via email -

There have recently been some questions raised about changes to the due date of a vaccination if you have contracted COVID while awaiting a vaccine or booster appointment.

There is no requirement to delay vaccination if you’ve had COVID, except to wait until after you have recovered from the acute illness. According to the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) guidelines, contracting COVID-19 means you are at a lower risk of catching it again for up to four months. But if you were due for your booster / vaccination within that time, don’t delay – recover and attend your appointment per your schedule. Read more here.

Check Out our New Check In
Going forward, we will be doing our own contact tracing at Bedford, which will improve our ability to keep our workplace as safe as possible for everyone.

You will soon be seeing an additional QR code in SIL, Day Options and CAL, and as a staff member working in these locations, you will need to check in twice when you arrive each day.

The first check in will be for SA Health at the front door. Although some SA businesses and retail outlets no longer require check-ins, we expect that the nature of our business (working with a vulnerable community) will mean that the SA Health check in will be with us for the foreseeable future. Everyone must continue to use these SA Health QR codes.

The second QR check in will be on posters in the SIL, DO, and CAL areas. Only Staff working in SIL, DO and CAL will need to scan these. When you scan it with your phone camera, a link will pop up. You’ll need to click on the link and complete the questions, which will allow us to know who, when and where our staff are located. This info will create a ‘real time’ picture of who is in these locations and will allow us to quickly alert anyone present about a potential contact with COVID, and advise next steps (ie, isolate / obtain testing).

Staff and Employees in our commercial operations won’t need to do anything extra as we are making some minor adjustments to the roll books to ensure we have all the information required for contact tracing.

RATs and Masks
We are now fully stocked with Rapid Antigen Tests. If Bedford issues you one to use, you must inform us of the test results regardless of whether the result is positive, negative or invalid. Notify us of your test results here.

As we return to work, it is timely to remind all staff about mask protocols. Masks continue to be mandatory for all staff, employees, and clients at all times except if you have a medical exemption.

  • All staff must wear single use / surgical masks in accordance with the mask mandate for high-risk settings; NO reusable cloth masks
  • Single-use masks will be provided by Bedford
  • Masks must be worn correctly and changed regularly to ensure you are protecting yourself and others – see the video

New Policy and Procedures
Our new COVID-19 Screening Policy and Procedure has been finalised and is attached to this email. Please make sure to read and familiarise yourself with Bedford’s screening processes.

Thank you again for your patience, hard work and help!