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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

17 March - COVID-19 Update

Snapshot of the business

Despite the recent COVID surge in SA, Bedford is generally faring quite well and adhering to requirements such as Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT).

The team at Balyana has introduced a clear and thorough COVID-safety checklist for staff and people attending sites which we are considering rolling out across the business. We’ll let you know when to get involved.

Our regional sites have reported a few mild cases of COVID-19 – particularly Mount Gambier and Port Lincoln, however some of those staff are now in recovery mode and looking to return to work within the week, which is great to hear.

We are experiencing some ups and downs with our staff numbers, but nothing too serious considering the number of active cases across the state. Thanks everyone for following the rules, showing up and keeping the business going!

COVID Text Line for the Win

If you have COVID symptoms or have been classified as a close contact you will need to take a COVID test - and advise us of the results. Many staff report results directly to their managers (thank you!) but it’s important that you also send through your results to our COVID Text Line 0428 598 199, which is our central portal for all of Bedford. Managers, can you please reinforce with your staff that they also need to contact the text line when reporting results or absence due to COVID-19.

Reeling in the RATs

As the government demands more reporting of RATs, we really need to comply with those regulations. Bedford is obligated to report the results of all RATs that we have issued.

So when Bedford provides you with a RAT, you MUST report your result to us at The COVID Admin team will then report your result to SA Health and when that has been completed, you will get an SMS from SA Health.

Staff can now attend multiple sites, but they must complete a RAT at the start of the day and report the results by filling out the RAT form. Clearly the result must be negative to continue working. A positive RAT must be treated as positive for COVID-19 and the isolation protocol applies.

For the most part, PCR testing for COVID is for critical needs only – such as those who are symptomatic or close / household contacts. Bedford has attained a large number of RATs for distribution to our staff to comply with our RAT Procedure (attached).

Please read the attached procedure and closely note the protocols for screening, surveillance and reporting RAT results. Don’t forget to label your RAT specimen with the date to avoid mix-ups.

Masks and QR Codes

Some clarifications about our mask directive here at Bedford – please make sure to wear them if you are in contact with clients and when moving around a site, but it’s ok not to wear them if you are in a safe space – ie, sitting within your team or in a meeting room. Masks for your team are available by contacting Greg Small or Colleen Barrow in Maintenance.

And finally a reminder to all staff in SIL, Day Options and CAL worksites; our new QR Code check-in system is now live, so be sure to scan the QR Code on posters around your work area and complete the question fields when prompted. The important information captured will allow us to comprehensively contact trace in these areas, which helps to keep us all informed and safe!