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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

8 April - COVID-19 Update


This week in South Australia we’ve reached a new peak for positive COVID cases, and this is a timely reminder for everyone to ensure you’re up to date with your vaccinations and booster shots.

Vaccinations are one of our key lines of defence, especially in a workplace which is high risk, so being diligent about staying up to date will help protect us all. SA Health’s best advice is to ensure you get your booster as it falls due rather than delaying until the last possible moment.

COVID Text Line – 0428 598 199

Just a reminder that if you are absent from work due to symptoms, being a close contact, or you have a COVID test result, you must text in the details to our COVID text line.

The text line is our central portal for all information on COVID status amongst our staff, clients and employees, and where we gather the information for mandatory reporting to SA Health.

When you contact the COVID Text Line we can respond to you with links to resources like the ‘Decision Making Tool’, which ensures you follow the latest advice for High Risk Settings and with other advice such as whether or not to re-test, how long to isolate for or when you can return to work.

Many staff report results and absences directly to their managers (thank you!) but it’s important that you also send through your results and close contact status to our COVID Text Line0428 598 199. We recommend you save this number to your phone so you have easy access to it when and if you need it.

Snapshot of the business

Although we have been experiencing an uptick in positive COVID cases in the past two weeks, we are generally managing well.

The team at Torrensville has been impacted, and a decision was taken to close the cafeteria in the short term to limit the risk. Our Port Pirie site have also experienced some positive cases, but have been managing with support staff from Wallaroo.

Thanks to everyone who is making sure to stay home when you have symptoms, and for going into isolation when necessary. And to everyone else, thanks for continuing to follow COVID Safe protocols while you keep Bedford running!