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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

28 April - COVID-19 Update

COVID Community Feedback Survey extended!

The closing date for the Bedford's COVID-19 Community Feedback Survey has been extended until Friday 6th May, and we need to hear from you!
We want all staff, as well as clients and families, to contribute to what you think we need to do about things like QR codes, masks, social distancing and vaccination protocols in the longer term, to keep Bedford COVID safe.
Follow this link to participate in the survey until Friday 6th May.

Report your Bedford supplied Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

It can be a little confusing knowing when and why to report your RAT results to Bedford.

What to report depends upon how the RAT was supplied:

  • Did Bedford supply it to you or SA Health?
  • Did you buy it from a pharmacy?

The reason why you were using the RAT is also important, along with the result you got from the RAT:

  • Was it positive or negative for COVID?
  • Or was the test invalid?

To help, the following table outlines whether you need to report the RAT result to Bedford or not and how to report your result if you do.

To report, the RAT form is available at

The COVID text line is 0428 598 199.

Thanks again for continuing to follow COVID Safe protocols and keeping Bedford running!