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17 May - COVID-19 Update

Good News for Day Options

SA Health has provided us with the latest close contact information with regards to Day Options and returning to work provisions. Staff and clients who areidentified as a Close Contact can now isolate for 7 days (not 14).

People can return to work from Day 8 provided:

  • they have no symptoms and
  • they have returned and reported five negative Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) and
  • they wear an N95 fitted mask (which Bedford will supply) at all times while at work and
  • they continue to undertake further RATs in accordance with Bedford’s Rapid Antigen Screening and Surveillance Procedure (see link below)

From Day 8, providing you are not symptomatic, and have returned five negative Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) as per SA Health’s requirements, you can return to Day Options.

When you return to Day Options, from Days 8 - 14 you will need to undertake further RATs in accordance with Bedford’s Rapid Antigen Screening and Surveillance Procedure.

Finally, when returning to Day Options you will also be required to wear an N95 fitted mask for Days 8 – 14. If unable to wear this mask correctly (including those with beards/facial hair) it will be necessary to complete isolation for the full 14 days. COVID Marshalls have received training in the fitting of masks.

Keep Texting Us!

We’ve noticed that reports to the COVID Text Line have decreased. Just another reminder that if you are advised you’re a close contact, or you’ve received a COVID-positive result, it’s your responsibility to report your status or results to our COVID Text Line 0428 598 199. We recommend you save this number to your phone so you have easy access to it when and if you need it.

Supervisors and managers, if your staff report their result or status to you, please remind them that it’s their responsibility to also report via the COVID Text Line.

Cold and Flu Season and COVID

Along with the arrival of the cooler autumn weather, comes cold and flu season. With the sniffs and coughs of the common cold and the fever and shakes of the flu all resembling the symptoms of COVID, we ask you NOT to assume your symptoms are innocuous, but to be sure that you do NOT have COVID before coming in to work.

At the first sign of any symptoms, please stay away from work and get a PCR test as soon as possible. A PCR test is the gold standard to rule out COVID. If you’re positive, then you’ll know you need to isolate. This way you can ensure you’re doing all you can to keep your workmates, clients and employees at Bedford safe! If you’re negative, but still have cold or flu symptoms, you can return to work when you’re feeling up to it with no restrictions.

NOTE – you can book in now for a free Flu Vaccination at Bedford metro sites, or if you’re in the regional areas, we will refund the cost of your Flu Vax. More information here.