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12 July - COVID-19 Update

COVID is not going away any time soon with two new (highly-contagious) variants recently identified, it’s important we all stay informed and do the best we can to protect ourselves and our community.

Mask up for the team

Masks may be slowly disappearing from SA faces in the community, but just a reminder that while you’re at Bedford you’re required to wear a mask as per the FAQs. If you’re returning from time off with COVID (Days 8-10) or as a Close Contact (Days 8-14) your mask will need to be a fitted N95.

Protect us all by making sure you’re covered.

Back from Leave?

This applies to all staff and employees - if you’re taking leave during the school holidays (or at any other time) we require you undertake two Bedford supplied surveillance RATs upon your return to work – one on the first day back, and another two days later. The reason for this is that we tend to see an increase in positive cases after periods of leave, and this is a way to protect you and the wider Bedford community. These tests are precautionary and will help us catch any cases of COVID that may try to sneak back in with you. Safety first!

Flu shots

If you’ve yet to receive a flu shot, the SA Government has extended the free flu shots until 31 July 2022 at GPs and pharmacies! If you don’t get your shot in time to get a freebie, Bedford will reimburse you. Make sure to get a receipt for the payment to submit with your claim form.

Fourth time’s the charm?

We are currently seeking advice about whether Bedford staff will require a fourth dose (second booster shot) of the COVID vaccine and will bring you an update as soon as we have it. In the meantime, we would strongly encourage you to get the vaccine as soon as you become eligible.

Testing positive to COVID – first step

If you have a positive COVID test result, or you’ve been deemed a Close Contact by SA Health, you must advise us on our COVID Text Line. Once you’ve texted us, we will support you through the process of when and how you can return to work safely, according to the protocols in place.

Thanks everyone. And remember if you have symptoms of flu or COVID, you’re unlikely to be able to tell them apart. We need you to stay home, get PCR tested, and get better!