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15 July - COVID-19 Update

Just a quick update for you all on the recent change from SA Health in response to the increased transmissibility of new Omicron COVID-19 viruses in the community.

In response to the increased transmissibility, the window for potential reinfection of COVID-19 has been reduced from 12 weeks to 28 days (4 weeks).

This means after 28 days of finishing isolation, you must:

  • get a COVID-19 PCR test if you develop symptoms (if you develop symptoms you cannot rely on a Rapid Antigen Test result – you MUST get a PCR test)
  • isolate for 7 days if you test positive (or 10 days at Bedford if you cannot be fitted for and wear an N95 mask from day 8 until day 10)
  • follow close contact guidelines - including using Rapid Antigen Tests if you do not have symptoms - if you meet the definition of a close contact (you can still use our decision making tool here)

If you have been in contact with a positive case within 28 days of your release from isolation you do not need to follow these close contact guidelines, but:

  • if you do develop COVID-19 symptoms within this 28 day period you must stay home until you are well
  • if you are in a group of higher risk of severe COVID-19 or influenza and you have symptoms, you should speak to your GP