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25 July - COVID-19 Update

COVID has been on the rise in our SA community with a recent uplift in the number of positive cases. It’s a good time for all of us to refocus on what we can do to contribute to the health of our Bedford community, and you’ll find some reminders of the basics below.

If you’ve taken leave during the school holidays (or at any other time) we require you undertake two Bedford supplied surveillance RATs upon your return to work – one on the first day back, and another two days later.

The reason for this is that we tend to see an increase in positive cases after periods of leave, and this is a way to protect you and the wider Bedford community. These tests are precautionary and will help us catch any cases of COVID that may try to sneak back in with you. Safety first!

Be sure to spread good vibes, not COVID-19!

SA Health - Spread Good Vibes, Not COVID-19

Getting Back to Basics

Good hygiene and mask-wearing are in the first line of defence against the spread of COVID, and they’re simple things we can ALL do every day.

Make every day your birthday!

Detailed information sheets for good handwashing techniques are posted in all of the bathrooms. Why not get into the habit of slowly singing the ‘happy birthday’ song (to yourself!) twice over as you wash your hands, and you’ll meet the recommended 20 seconds required for a thorough clean. Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water and avoid touching your face during the day.

Don’t let your mask slip

When you’re in communal areas at Bedford, your mask needs to be on properly – pinched over your nose at the top, and slightly under your chin at the bottom. Masks that are below your nose or slung under your chin are not effective.

Wear a Mask Properly


All tests are not created equal. Check the table below to see when you need to RAT and when you need a PCR. Also find the Bedford RAT procedures at the bottom of this page for clarification on when to test and what to do next.

RAT / PCR Flowchart

Need more Information?

We regularly update the COVID-19 Latest News page with any changes that impact Bedford and maintain the FAQs document with all the information you need to help you navigate COVID-19.

To make things even easier we have established a COVID-19 Quick Links button on the Loop with a few of the most commonly used forms.

As ever, if you have a positive COVID test result or you’ve been deemed a Close Contact by SA Health, you must advise us on our COVID Text Line. Once you’ve texted us, we will support you through the process of when and how you can return to work safely.

Bedford COVID Text Line

Thanks everyone. And remember if you have symptoms of flu or COVID, you’re unlikely to be able to tell them apart. We need you to stay home, get tested, and get better!