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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

You may be aware that the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) are upgrading the intersection of Springbank, Daws and Goodwood Roads to improve safety and travel times for motorists.

With traffic flow of more than 60,000 vehicles a day, and travel time delays during peak periods, once completed, the upgrade will improve connectivity, capacity and safety for all users.

The final design of the intersection upgrade is below.

What Does It Mean For Bedford?

Bedford formed a Realignment Engagement Committee to work with the government, local council and other relevant authorities, with the core responsibilities of ensuring that everyone who comes to Bedford’s Panorama site is kept safe while the works are underway, and that the best possible outcomes for our Clients, Staff and Bedford as a whole are achieved.

Commencing in March 2020, pre-construction works are nearly complete. There is a huge amount of work being undertaken by all stakeholders of this project, most of that work fortunately will not have an impact on our Clients, Staff or visitors to our site. However, some of those works will be visible and impact our day-to-day activities. Those works have required:

  • Asphalt, line-marking and re-location of carparks (Corner Goodwood and Springbank Roads) to make way for the realigned roads.
  • Landscaping - removal of greenery along Goodwood Road and throughout the carpark areas to make way for the realigned roads and relocated carpark areas. We are working with landscape designers to replace gardens beds and to generally increase and enhance the foliage on site.
  • Installation of temporary fencing (perimeter of carparks Goodwood and Springbank Roads and the front of the main administration building, off Goodwood Road) to make way for the realigned roads and installation of services. The temporary fencing will be replaced with permanent fencing and in the meantime, we are arranging for Bedford signage to be erected on the temporary fencing. Permanent signage will be displayed on completion of the project.
  • Changes to the entry and exit points to our Day Options centre (off Boothby Centre) to improve the flow of traffic off Goodwood Road and Boothby Street.
  • Access for Drop-off and/Visitor carparking - changes to the alignment of Goodwood Road have decreased the available parking in the area adjacent to the main administration building. This area is now only available as a drop-off area and for visitor and disability parking. Access to the area is via Boothby Street (as shown in the image below) and now a one-way thoroughfare, exiting on the left at the EXIT sign to the Goodwood/Daws Road intersection traffic lights.


Safe Environment and Best Outcomes

Bedford are working with DPTI to provide the absolute best outcomes for Bedford's Clients and Staff, and the safest environment and access for everyone who visits our site. We are particularly mindful of our Clients travelling to our site and understand there won’t be any interruption to accessing our Panorama site by foot or road transport, including buses, throughout the duration of the roadworks.


This project should be completed by the end of 2021 however, there may be variables to this timeframe given the size of this civil engineering build. Project timelines are particularly reliant on the weather remaining favourable.

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions on the project, please contact Bedford Reception and your query will be forwarded to the person most appropriate to respond to you.