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Everything you need to know about how Bedford is helping our community at this time.

And they have got plenty of love to go around.

Mr Braun, 38, and Ms Drouin, 30, of Daw Park, will marry late this year, formalising a bond formed through their work at Panorama's Bedford Industries and grown through a shared passion for sport, especially sailing.

As volunteer ambassadors at the National Games, they hope to work at sailing events, but really do not care so long as they can contribute.

Mr Braun, who has won "heaps of medals" in Special Olympics sailing and swimming over 17 years, says he "just wants to give something back" to the sporting movement. "It's meant a lot to me," Mr Braun says.

His advice to this year's competitors is simple: "Enjoy it, have fun." Ms Drouin has not won as many medals – "but I'm younger," she points out.

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