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Work Covid-Safe
Discover the latest information around working at Bedford during the pandemic

Bedford has been made aware that its external payroll provider, Frontier Software, was the victim of data breaches, which have affected some of Bedford’s current and previous staff and clients.

These breaches are in the same vein as recent cyber-attacks on the State Government, Super SA and other files where information was stolen from Frontier’s system and published on the dark web.

Bedford’s breaches are believed to mostly be historic and date back to two main periods: 2004-2007 and 2016.

We are now in the process of contacting all affected clients and staff and are also seeking legal advice.

It’s important to note that, at this stage, we are not aware of any nefarious use of the stolen data, but are advising all staff and clients to continue to monitor their accounts for any fraudulent activity and follow good cybersecurity practices.