A Day in Bedford employees Life

A Day in Jake's Life

Age 23, Hospitality Worker, Bedford Panorama

“I live in a share house in Panorama, so it’s really close for me to walk to work in the morning. That’s good because I have some mobility issues from when I suffered a brain injury at eight years of age.

My start time in the café is 8:30am and when I arrive, I’ll usually call out to Benny or one of the workers “Hello, how are you going?” and then I might be asked to jump on biscuit-making duties or help stock the fridges.

We currently have some new trainees and high school interns and I’m really enjoying teaching them how everything works.

What I love about the job, in a word, is people. Having people around me and having a conversation and, also, I have silly jokes like “Am I all right?’ ‘No, I’m a little bit left’. I could go on, but I won’t.

I like to lift people’s spirits with my lame jokes but sometimes I get a bit carried away and someone might say “Oh better get back to work, Jake.”

I do love cooking though and trying out new recipes. I think it’s because I was born on Anzac Day and my gran always made the best Anzac biscuits for me. My gran has been a great supporter and helped me in my life a lot.

I’ve been at Bedford for one year and three months now and if I didn’t find this job I honestly don’t know what I would’ve been doing, probably just moping around at my mum’s house. I absolutely love working at Bedford.

My next challenge is to go travelling one day. I’ve been to Bali and, fun fact, I was there when the volcano erupted, and the travel insurance company let us stay on for an extra week for free.”