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Everything you need to know about how Bedford is helping our community at this time.

Bedford provides a complete commercial packaging, co-packing and assembly service to an impressive mix of Australian and international companies and has a reputation for high quality performance and a customer-focused attitude.

With HACCP certification and ISO9001:2015 accreditation, we deliver tailored cost-effective end to end solutions that meet all your packaging needs. Across three sites Bedford has over 2000m2 floorspace.

By partnering with Bedford, you are helping to provide meaningful employment and support to people living with disability to reach their full potential in work and life.

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Our Facilities

  • Bonded warehouse facilities for wine/beer/spirits storage, with selective pallet racking
  • Automatic horizontal flow wrappers and heat sealing machines for individual packing of SKUs
  • Shrink wrapping of non-perishable goods
  • Vertical form fill seal machine with thermal printer for custom printing
  • Temperature controlled clean rooms
  • Cutlery polisher
  • Automated multi head linear weigh filler, metal detection and weighing capabilities
  • Various printing such as barcodes, batch coding and labelling
  • 3D printing of industrial components and architectural models

In-house Capabilities

In addition, our in-house capabilities include:

  • Display/gift boxes and hamper construction for product launches/display packs
  • Promotional bags for annual shows/expos/seasonal campaign
  • Mandatory labelling/relabelling for export/import
  • Break up large volume foodstuffs/beverages to smaller pack sizes
  • Mail bagger to wrap & heat seal magazines/ newspapers/ catalogues
  • Machine and hand bagging of confectionery

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