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Help us continue to brighten up our clients’ lives by expanding our arts program. We have so much talent within our Bedford community just waiting to be unleashed, given the opportunity.

Currently, we do not have the resources to expand our arts program here at Bedford. We need your help!

This year we watched our clients shine brighter than ever despite what has been a challenging time for us all.

Experiencing isolation and separation from loved ones saw many of our community discover talents in the arts they never knew they had. From producing a musical work of art in our This is Me video that went viral, to holding our inaugural Bedford SALA Exhibition, it became clear we have so much talent within our Bedford community just waiting to be unleashed, given the opportunity.

With your support, the future of Bedford will see our clients having opportunities right at their fingertips to chase their dreams.

Whether that be a private recording studio session, a group session at a circus school, singing lessons, the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and so much more.

For clients like Kym Mackenzie, who aspires to direct his own play or stage show one day, this would mean so much.

When Kym talks about the performing arts, his eyes light up and his smile broadens. Beginning his career in the arts almost 30 years ago, when Kym steps on the stage he is a comedian, an actor, a singer, a dancer. He has the freedom to be whoever he chooses to be.

“The stage is my happy place,” Kym says.

“Performing gives me a chance to show people that a person with a disability can get out there and do something. I have a chance to show people who are able bodied that anybody is capable of it.”

— Kym Mackenzie

For Bedford hospitality team member Jacqui Goumas, her love of singing began at a young age. Now a proud member of our very own Bedford choir, she harbours a dream of writing her own songs one day.

“When I’m performing, I feel happy, I feel confident,” Jacqui said.

"My dream is to write my own songs one day. I would love to learn how to do song writing and maybe then record my own song."

Your support this Christmas will make Kym and Jacqui’s dreams a reality.

“I was born to be on stage.”

— Jacqui Goumas
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