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The journey and the destination

It’s an exciting time here at Bedford as we start our Transformation journey. Bedford's vision of becoming Australia’s most innovative provider, across our service provisions, to people with disability is continuing to evolve.

Bedford's clients are at the forefront of this vision, and capacity-building opportunities will be built into every area of our service provision. This will result in meaningful jobs, vocations, social opportunities and participation in new social businesses that deliver significant value to our customers.

Our vision incorporates designing creative and inspiring social enterprises and partnering with successful South Australian businesses to deliver exciting outcomes and opportunities for every member of the Bedford family.

With the introduction of an ongoing discovery process where clients tell us what they want to do, each client will have tailored supports and services to meet their individual goals and aspirations both at Bedford and in the community.

An artist's impression of how a future Balyana site might look.

A future Bedford will offer a more diverse range of capacity-building classes, courses, and activities - from sport to the performing arts, coding, digital literacy, woodworking, and designing, through to new social experiences. We will also provide education, experiences, and workplace training, enhancing each client’s skills to increase work opportunities, or even start up their own business. These opportunities will not only sit within the employment setting, they will also be built into the programs which we traditionally know as Day Options and Community Access and Lifestyle.

This evolution will not be an overnight change, it will take time to achieve our vision. Along the way, tough decisions will need to be made, resulting in changes to the way we do things today. These decisions might be difficult for some people but will provide new opportunities that might not have previously been considered.

Below you'll find a link to an archive of Bedford's regular communications as we go through our transformation journey. Please feel free to read these and contact us via the button below with questions or feedback.

Thank you for being part of Bedford’s transformation journey and helping to bring our vision to fruition.