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Bedford's response to the Advertiser article

30 June - COVID-19 Update

The South Australian State Government has introduced additional restrictions, after five positive COVID results were recorded in South Australia. All cases are in one family and relate to a miner who traveled from a mine northwest of Alice Springs into Alice Springs and then onto Adelaide via a Virgin flight (VA 1742). The miner was in self-isolation at home when he felt unwell, he then tested positive to COVID on 25 June. He and his family, four of whom have also tested positive, were subsequently quarantined in a medi-hotel.

SA Health is undergoing contact tracing, however reports at this stage there is no evidence the disease was spread to the wider community and therefore a lockdown across South Australia is not planned.

The remaining six COVID positive South Australians remain quarantined in a medi-hotel.

Bedford is adhering to the State Government’s new restrictions (came into effect at midnight 29 June) to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and safety, particularly due to our position as an essential service and disability provider.

This latest development has prompted new restrictions and government recommendations, including:

  • Home gatherings are now limited to 10 people
  • Masks are urged to be worn as often as possible – especially in public settings and in health and aged-care facilities
  • QR code check-ins are essential to the efficacy of SA Health’s contact tracing
  • If you are feeling unwell, consult your GP and get a COVID test
  • If you are eligible to get vaccinated, do it! Vaccination is your choice, however, SA Health reports the more people who are vaccinated the safer it will be for all South Australians.

For us at Bedford the key pillars of safety remain in place:

  1. Check-in using the QR codes at all sites – this applies to all staff and visitors. We have an on-site tacking system in place for our clients and employees
  2. Wear a mask if you are in a public space or coming into contact with clients
  3. Continue with social distancing and hygiene practices

Our dedicated COVID helpline team are available on 0429 135 448, 0429 124 648 or 0413 743 203.

SA Health can be contacted on 1800 253 787.