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On 1 July 2020 the NDIS changed the way that funding recipients structure their work supports, to offer them more choice and control.

These supports are no longer considered part of the Capacity Building section of a participant's NDIS budget – employment supports are now part of the Core budget.

Bedford’s Transition to the New Employment Model, or NEM, is a huge opportunity for our clients to reach their goals, and gives them the ability to set and achieve goals they haven’t previously known. Clients may have increased access to new training and one-on-one mentoring, social programs, skills development in new areas, or potentially a move into open- or self-employment.

In order to maximise each NDIS participant’s Plan funding to help them achieve their employment and other goals, Bedford is engaging in two surveys for each of our clients. The first, the Current Employment Supports Survey, investigates the supported employee’s work situation, delving into questions of where, how many hours, and what assistance is received at work, based on our own records. The second part, the Bedford Step Forward Survey, involves interviewing the supported employee or client about their future goals and aspirations for work at Bedford. Combined, the output of these two surveys inform a document which comprehensively answers six specific questions that LACs and Planners will ask each NDIS participant at their next Plan review.

Funding of all workplace supports need to be transitioned to the New Employment Model before January 2022.

The New Employment Model will be tailored for every supported employee. To find out how your NDIS Plan support funding may change, talk to your Disability Support Worker (DSW) or Personnel Training Officer (PTO), contact Bedford's NEM helpline on 0435 542 680, email, or speak with your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator.

During 2022, Bedford has piloted new internal forms to better manage employee's leave, absences, and how they go about making changes to their work hours. Two videos have been produced to aid comprehension of the process for Bedford employees.

Planned Leave and Absence Notification: employees need to tell Bedford at least two weeks before they go away, by filling out an Employee Planned Leave and Absence Notification Form.

Change in Base Hours Information: this video is about how Bedford employees can make a change to their employment supports, like if they want to change working hours, days worked, position, or department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions, feedback or require further information on the New Employment Model? Contact Bedford's NEM Helpline via the channels below: